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CIECH Soda Poland Company

CIECH Soda Poland is the largest salt producer brewed in Poland and a leading supplier of salt tablets for water treatment in Europe. The plant located in Janikowo produces more than 1500 tons of salt a day in a 24h / day system. As a result of the investment, the amount of salt produced was significantly increased, which also entailed a need to change its storage range.

United Petfood Company

United Petfood is an exclusive private label manufacturer in the field of petfood. In 2018, the company opened a new factory in Biskupice. Thanks to establishing cooperation with PROMAG S.A. In the scope of equipping the newly built warehouse with a dense storage system, it was possible to optimize the area of warehouse management both in terms of using the available space and in terms of the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Real S.A. Company

The fruit and vegetable processing industry has been developing dynamically in Poland for several years. The key success factors in this industry are the speed of processing and the appropriate way of storing products. Proper freezing and storage under special conditions ensures availability of fruit and vegetables for various branches of the food industry throughout the year. The largest suppliers of frozen foods are well aware of this and therefore invest in modern storage systems, optimally suited to their needs.

Janton Company

According to GUS (Polish Main Statistics Office) data for last 2 years wine consumption in Poland decreased under 6 liters per capita. It is challenging for national wine industry producers, importers and distributors. What is the leader’s key to success on this more and more demanding market? New technologies? Offer modification? Jantoń Company chose distribution with help of PROMAG modern logistics solution.

Lamela Company

Potted plants can be found in our homes, offices and public spaces. In addition to providing oxygen, cleansing and moisturizing the air, they are also a great decoration. Exhibited with decorative pots and casings, they enjoy the eye even more. That is why manufacturers provide products of various colors, shapes and sizes to the market. Handling such a diverse range requires a good organization of warehouse logistics. The Lamela company knows that, with the help of PROMAG S.A. recently modernized its factory in Łowicz.

FIDO-SAD Company

In business, there is no room for decisions made under the influence of emotion and spontaneity. Here, many years of experience, cool calculation is a best advisor. Cold professionalism turned out to be what the Chairman of the Board at FIDO-SAD, Mr. Michał Dzioba, was looking for, deciding to entrust PROMAG S.A. development of the storage space of your company.

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