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The fruit and vegetable processing industry has been developing dynamically in Poland for several years. The key success factors in this industry are the speed of processing and the appropriate way of storing products. Proper freezing and storage under special conditions ensures availability of fruit and vegetables for various branches of the food industry throughout the year. The largest suppliers of frozen foods are well aware of this and therefore invest in modern storage systems, optimally suited to their needs.

"The use of innovative technologies is a guarantee of the company's development. The flexibility and high efficiency of the storage systems used in combination with the very good use of warehouse space ensure the optimization of storage costs. This in turn allows you to build a strong competitive position. With subsequent investments, we will definitely meet again with a proven business partner, which is the company PROMAG S.A." - Andrzej Gajowniczek, CEO REAL S.A. 

Real S.A. is one of the largest producers of frozen foods not only in Poland, but also in Europe. The company has been operating since 1996, mainly engaged in fruit and vegetable processing, and for six years also in the production of juices and purees. Real head office is located in Siedlce, and four refrigerators and two plants producing concentrates are located in the provinces of Mazovia and Lublin. Refrigeration warehouses can hold up to 75 thousand tons of frozen food. The tanker's capacity in the mills allows storage of 1500 tons of concentrates. The processing capacity of the plants reaches up to 2,000 tons per day.

The company develops dynamically due to the appropriate operating strategy. The main assumption of its policy is constant improvement of products and the customer service system. Maintaining a high position on the market requires a lot of flexibility in operation, which is why Real always strives to offer products on time and in accordance with the recipient's requirements.

Responding to the needs of its customers in 2015 Real decided to build the largest high-storage cold store in Poland. The town of Nowy Konik near Warsaw was selected for the location of this object. The investment has been planned in two stages. The first one contains a cold store with a capacity of 36,000 EUR pallets. The facility has been designed and equipped especially for the storage of goods in the form of frozen food. The company PROMAG S.A. invited for cooperation delivered and installed on its premises a system of dense pallet storage supported by shuttle trucks AutoMAG Shuttle, which consisted of 3 chambers with a total capacity of 20,500 EUR pallet places, deep shelf shelves for 33 EUR pallets or 26x 1000x1200 mm pallets.

Due to the many years of experience of PROMAG in equipping cold stores and freezers, Real decided to cooperate at the early stage of investment planning. Thanks to this, the newly created object from the beginning was designed optimally due to its purpose. Using the knowledge of the most modern storage technologies in low temperature conditions, PROMAG technical advisers proposed a range of flexible and effective solutions. Thanks to them, a high rate of use of the warehouse volume was achieved, which in turn translated into the optimization of the storage cost of a single load unit.

Proposed storage shelves with AutoMAG Shuttle trucks proposed by PROMAG are primarily dedicated to cold stores and freezers where there are high costs associated with maintaining of low temperatures. This storage system works in warehouses of the food industry, where it is required to maintain effective rotation of goods while maintaining a high rate of work.

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