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Semi-automatic AutoMAG Shuttle storage system

W tym systemie składowania pobieranie, odkładanie i przenoszenie jednostki składowania odbywa się w specjalnie zaprojektowanych kanałach przy użyciu wózka wahadłowego AutoMAG...

Automatic AutoMAG Mover dense storage system

The AutoMAG Mover automatic warehouse is a fully autonomous and automatic storage system that is a development of the semi-automatic dense storage system using AutoMAG Shuttle trolleys with an AutoMAG Mover transfer trolley and AutoMAG Lift vertical conveyors.



Automatic storage systems are characterized by a complete elimination of human participation in the processes of moving and storing goods. Automation is conducive to the increase in the efficiency of warehouse operations, increasing the use of warehouse capacity, reducing the cost of maintaining the facility, eliminating errors and improving work safety. However, many warehouse managers are afraid of total automation due to the high initial investment costs and the inability to manually control the warehouse in the event of a system failure.


Therefore, we recommend our clients an intermediate solution between traditional racking systems and a fully automated warehouse. It is a dense storage system with a radio controlled AutoMAG Shuttle, which allows you to optimize the warehouse space while eliminating the work of forklift operators.

The use of space in a warehouse equipped with the AutoMAG dense storage system can be increased by up to 80% compared to conventional solutions of row shelves and 30% more in relation to drive-in racks. Both loading, unloading and moving the load unit in the so-called racks channels are carried out using a radio controlled shuttle truck AutoMAG. Thanks to this, we can minimize the number of narrow aisles and limit the tasks of forklift operators. The automated movement of goods significantly improves job safety due to the reduction of the probability of damage to the load.


The AutoMAG shuttle trucks manufactured by PROMAG are equipped with a number of additional functions and have different operating modes. Importantly, they can be operated by all types of forklift trucks and work in the FIFO and LIFO systems. In addition, they have a number of amenities including protection against battery discharge during operation, inventory mode, emergency stop and anti-collision system, thanks to which two devices can work in one channel.


PROMAG S.A. went a step further in the automation of storage processes and designed and produced a transfer trolley cooperating with shuttle trucks called AutoMAG Mover. The main purpose for this device is to completely eliminate forklifts from the storage area and to create a fully automatic, autonomous storage area. Thanks to the introduction of this solution to the offer PROMAG S.A. has become the first Polish company that designs, manufactures, assembles and maintains fully automatic warehouses.


The principle of operation of the automatic PROMAG warehouse based on shuttle trucks AutoMAG Shuttle and AutoMAG Mover devices consists in the fact that the loading unit is delivered to the automatic storage system by a horizontal conveyor (roller or chain). Directly from the horizontal conveyor, after checking the parameters of the load unit through the contour gate, the pallet goes to the vertical conveyor called AutoMAG Lift, which task is to deliver the load unit to the required level of storage in the rack block. After the cargo unit has reached the specified level of storage, the AutoMAG Mover transfer trolley with the AutoMAG Shuttle is already waiting for pallet directly on the vertical conveyor AutoMAG Lift. After replacing the signals, the pallet is automatically moved to the transfer cart. Then, the pallet load unit together with the shuttle truck AutoMAG Shuttle is transported along the shelf block until reaching the position opposite the designated channel in the rack block. In this position, the AutoMAG Mover releases the AutoMAG Shuttle, which enters along with the load unit inside the rack block.


If we only carry out the task of loading a particular channel in the rack block, then the AutoMAG Shuttle remains in the defined location, while the AutoMAG Mover moves to the vertical conveyor to pick up the next load unit. The principle of unloading a channel in a rack block is done in the same way in the reverse order of tasks.

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