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Automatic dense storage system AutoMAG Mover


The AutoMAG Mover automatic warehouse is a fully autonomous and automatic storage system that is a development of the semi-automatic dense storage system using AutoMAG Shuttle trolleys with an AutoMAG Mover transfer trolley and AutoMAG Lift vertical conveyors. The aim of this solution is to completely eliminate forklifts from the goods storage zone, increase the safety and efficiency of warehouse processes.

The principle of the AutoMAG Mover system:


  • step 1: delivery of the pallet load unit to the automatic system via the horizontal conveyor

  • step 2: transfer of the unit from the horizontal conveyor to the vertical conveyor AutoMAG Lift

  • step 3: transporting the pallet through the AutoMAG Lift conveyor to the required level in the rack block

  • step 4: displacement of unit on the AutoMAG Mover trolley along the shelf block to achieve the location of the designated shelf channel

  • step 5: entry of the unit with the AutoMAG Shuttle to the inside of the rack channel

  • step 6: return the AutoMAG Mover to the vertical conveyor for the next unit


System functionality

The AutoMAG Mover system works perfectly in warehouses with small capacities as well as in fast-moving warehouses. The flow of goods may take place in the system in accordance with the LIFO or FIFO principle. In low-capacity warehouses, the AutoMAG Lift vertical conveyor platform allows moving the transfer truck and the AutoMAG shuttle truck between the levels in the shelf block outside the loading unit. However, in high-performance warehouses, several vertical conveyors AutoMAG Lift cooperates with AutoMAG Mowers located at each level of storage in the rack block, guaranteeing high efficiency of work. The management of such a system is carried out using the WMS class software.


Application of the system


The AutoMAG Mover automatic system works best in cold stores due to the high costs associated with the need to maintain low temperatures inside such facilities. It is also widely used in warehouses, where it is required to maintain effective goods turnover in the FIFO system, in warehouses with a relatively diversified assortment and in warehouses where the turnover of goods is fast and the work pace is high.


Benefits after the implementation of AutoMAG Mover


The main benefits that can be achieved by implementing this automated storage system include:

  • automation and increasing the efficiency of warehouse processes

  • possibility of working 24 hours / day

  • high warehouse utilization rate

  • reduction of the average storage cost of the pallet unit

  • reduction of fixed costs in warehouses

  • shortening the time of warehouse operations

  • complete elimination of forklifts from the goods storage area

  • increased work safety

  • constant control and inventory update

  • elimination of errors resulting from manual warehouse management

  • quiet and fast pallet movement.

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