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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant in Środa Wlkp Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest producers of frozen fruit and vegetables in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is a company with many years of experience, caring for the quality of its products and customer satisfaction.

The dynamic development of the company in recent years has resulted in the need to make better use of the storage space in cold warehouse. Until now, the customer stored his products in boxes, which he stacked and put on the floor. However, over time, such warehouse service became ineffective due to the difficult access to specific batches of frozen food, and the constant relocation of crates in the warehouse meant that a lot of time and resources were spent on it.

Therefore, PROMAG S.A. Advisors offered  optimization of the use of storage space and the improvement of the efficiency of the processes carried out with use of the AutoMAG Shuttle dense storage system.

AutoMAG Shuttle satellite racks in the cold warehouse

For the client's needs, two rack blocks were designed and assembled in a configuration that allows the storage of as many batches of frozen fruit and vegetables as possible. For this purpose, two shelving blocks were created, over 66 and 70 meters long and 8.8 and 11.3 meters deep. The client obtained over 3,200 pallet places. The use of the existing storage space with AutoMAG Shuttle satellite racks is very high. These racks are based on the structure of drive-in racks, but do not duplicate the safety-related disadvantages of these racks.

Additionally, using satellite racks, you can create very deep rack channels, which is impossible with drive-in racks. The utilization rate of the warehouse space with the use of AutoMAG Shuttle high-density storage racks is up to 90%.


The applied solution allows direct access to each batch of frozen food - there is no need to unload the entire rack block to pick up a batch from e.g. the upper channel. The speed of the operation is much faster than it has been so far. Thanks to that, a person does not have to stay long in the unfavorable temperature conditions that prevail in the cold store. Additionally, the racks are secured with a mesh fence in places where the rack channels do not reach the building's wall.

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