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OSM WART-MILK is a company from Sieradz with a long tradition in the production of dairy products. In the year of the 90th anniversary, the company launched a 12 m high warehouse for UHT finished products. The decision to invest resulted from the dynamic development of the company and increasing needs in the field of optimization of the storage process. Until now, finished products were stored in blocks with the use of special three-level racks. Such storage had a major disadvantage related to the lack of the possibility of multi-level storeys and did not fully use the cubature of the warehouse.


From satellite racks to fully automatic racks


Therefore, in the newly built warehouse in 2016, PROMAG S.A. installed the AutoMAG Shuttle semi-automatic high-density storage system. As a result, more than 4,000 pallet places were obtained and the operation of forklifts for the feeding and collection of pallets transported inside the rack block with the use of the AutoMAG Shuttle truck was reduced.


However, it turned out that such a solution is ineffective after several years of operation. For this reason, WART-MILK made a decision to completely automate the process of transporting pallet loading units from production to the warehouse and their storage. The client chose a solution in the form of a fully automatic high-density storage system AutoMAG Mover.


In 2019, PROMAG S.A. designed, produced and launched an automatic transport and storage system in the WART-MILK company, consisting of:

  • a dedicated system of conveyors transporting pallets from production to the warehouse

  • AutoMAG Lift vertical conveyor, which delivers pallets and AutoMAG Mover transfer carts to the required level in the rack block

  • 3 AutoMAG Movers that move pallets and AutoMAG Shuttle along the rack block

  • 3 AutoMAG Shuttles that place the pallets inside the rack channel

  • high-density storage racking system with 7 storage levels

  • proprietary PROMAG software for managing the operation of the storage system.


Automated warehouse - benefits for the customer

The client achieved a significant increase in the efficiency of warehouse and transport operations and improved work safety. Has constant control over the flow of materials and information in the process. The WMS with the use of the report module allows you to obtain real-time information about the storage and shipment of goods. The developed automation system has full diagnostics and a 24/7 remote support. The solution increased the utilization rate of the warehouse cubature and allowed for the reduction of employee costs, which in turn lowered the unit cost of storage. The system works in 3 shifts 365 days a year.

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