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AutoMAG dense storage system in a company that produces plastic packaging

Our client - Logoplaste is a global service provider and manufacturer of plastic packaging for many well-known international companies. It currently has 70 factories in 16 countries and employs over 2,300 people. Logoplaste Polska belongs to the Logoplaste industrial group and is developing very dynamically. In connection with the development, the company launched production and warehouse in the Panattoni logistics park in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

To maximize the use of available space and increase safety and efficiency in the warehouse, PROMAG S.A. proposed to install a high-density storage system operated by an AutoMAG Shuttle in the warehouse. It is a solution that contributes to a significant increase in the use of available storage space compared to standard row racks. At the same time, it helps to minimize the amount of possible damages resulting from the use of the shelves. The pallet is transported in the rack by a semi-automatic AutoMAG Shuttle satellite. With this solution, there is no need for the truck operator to drive into the rack channel.

Cooperation with Logoplaste has resulted in the implementation of two rack blocks with a total capacity of 1,560 pallet places for the handling of industrial pallets (1000x1200 mm). Big-bags with raw materials and finished products are stored on pallets. At the customer's request and with a view to future reconfiguration, we have designed a rack system that is adapted to change the height and weight of the pallets. The range of possible changes: pallet weight from 80 to 300 kg, pallet height up to 2000 mm. Two AutoMAG Shuttle satellites were used to operate the system. Due to the low weight of the pallets, the satellites have been equipped with additional sensors. In addition, the rack system has been secured with special trolley limiters and a set of mesh fencing tailored to the individual needs of the customer. This translated into minimizing the possibility of a forklift hitting the rack block and increased the overall safety of service personnel.

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