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Potted plants can be found in our homes, offices and public spaces. In addition to providing oxygen, cleansing and moisturizing the air, they are also a great decoration. Exhibited with decorative pots and casings, they enjoy the eye even more. That is why manufacturers provide products of various colors, shapes and sizes to the market. Handling such a diverse range requires a good organization of warehouse logistics. The Lamela company knows that, with the help of PROMAG S.A. recently modernized its factory in Łowicz.

„PROMAG S.A. designed, delivered and installed in our company a pallet transport system, as well as a dense storage system based on modern automatic shuttle trucks by AutoMAG. These solutions have improved work efficiency, increased security, and enabled better use of warehouse space. It was a good investment, which is why today we are planning another one together with PROMAG.” – Lamela CEO Arkadiusz Bałdyga.

Lamela Sp. Z o.o. sp.k. is a family company operating since 1986 in the Polish plastic industry. Since then, the company has grown into a large and market-leading enterprise. It mainly produces flower pots, bowls, ikebana, as well as plastic kitchen accessories. Currently, Lamela employs over three hundred people and offers about two hundred products to markets around the world. From the very beginning, Lamela's main asset is product design and high quality. The company is known for its constant pursuit of development. It focuses primarily on modernity, production automation and the best organization of work. The company invests in energy-saving, environmental  and employees friendly machine park. The systematically implemented solutions from ever higher levels of technical and technological thought are aimed at redirecting the hardest physical work to machines and robots, and where it is impossible to optimize the work of people.

Due to the continuous development of production, the warehouse function at Lamela began to undergo a significant change. The newly created hall ceased to serve only the storage of goods and began to serve as a logistics center. This tnfluenced the aspect of the equipment. It was necessary to install intralogistic systems that integrate the processes of accepting goods, production, storage, picking and shipping. In this context, the company started looking for a partner who will be able to comprehensively modernize the infrastructure, improving the functioning of production and storage areas. This task was undertaken by PROMAG S.A.

The main goal of the planned investment was to develop a concept for transporting finished goods from production to storage and automating the storage system. Assumptions for the project included, among other things, a storage system ensuring maximum use of the warehouse volume and fast product turnover being also universal (two types of loading units).

In order to use storage space more efficiently, a PHR dense storage system with radio controlled AutoMAG Shuttle trucks were installed. This increased considerably the coefficient of utilization of the building's volume, up to 87%. The versatile and flexible storage system has ensured better rotation of goods and minimization of possible damage and shortages. Thus, the implemented solution translated into improved quality and speed of delivery for Lamela's customers. The company  on the other hand could lower the cost of storage and, consequently, lower unit costs of the product.

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