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According to GUS (Polish Main Statistics Office) data for last 2 years wine consumption in Poland decreased under 6 liters per capita. It is challenging for national wine industry producers, importers and distributors. What is the leader’s key to success on this more and more demanding market? New technologies? Offer modification? Jantoń Company chose distribution with help of PROMAG modern logistics solution.

"A collaboration between Jantoń SA and  PROMAG SA result is a modern logistics center that meets the highest European standards - says Company President Mr. Jacek Jantoń – Solutions proposed by specialists brought the expected results in the form of: increased productivity, accelerated handling processes, reduction of inventory and increased precision of ongoing contracts. We are very pleased with the cooperation "

Jantoń S.A. Company is performing on the market since 1976. It’s one of the biggest producer, importer and distributor on polish wine market having well-known brands products in its offer. With a purpose of making its position on the market even stronger and considering future dynamic development Company Board decided to build their own modern logistics center in Dobroń city.

Nowadays requirements concerning higher quality, price competitiveness and elastic net and supply chain are growing. This is quite challenging for the whole branch. Those challenges can be overcome only by courageous managerial decisions and skillful new investments implementations.

“To continue growth tendencies and keep leading position in wine branch we have decided to bet on innovations, first of all in the way of supplying our customers” – said Mr. Jacek Jantoń, President of Jantoń S.A. Group. – “Thanks to our new logistics center our customers and partners are getting their orders even faster and more efficient. Thanks to innovations we implemented our company is able to open itself for changes in products offer structure”.

The report of KPGM for 2014 says that average Pole bought 5.5 liter of wine products in 2013 spending about 27 euros on it. In comparison, average Czech citizen bought 21.4 liter of wines (paying 104 euros), Slovak 19.1 liter for about 145 euros. This show the big polish market potential in wine industry that connected with innovative investments can bring a lot of profit.

Also big success of cider in 2013 and 2014 gives a lot of opportunities. According to research of KMPG about 3.5 million of adult Poles drink cider multiple times in a year. Estimations says that cider sales can reach 90 million liters in coming 5 years.

At the beginning of march of 2015 the official opening of the new logistics center of Jantoń Company took place. Thanks to this well planned and executed investment one of the first such places in Poland was created, equipped with innovational racking system, technology helping with product identification and ecologic pallet trucks powered with batteries that delivers goods to four loading docks. This investment was implemented with high ecology awareness level, energy and water efficient use during whole production process.

“Solutions implemented by PROMAG S.A. allow to optimize intralogistics processes of Jantoń company which effects in higher customer service level” – said Karolina Tokarz, President of the Board of PROMAG S.A. – “Multi-deep storage system with radio shuttle delivered by our company is innovative solution that will let Jantoń Company to use warehouse capacity effectively and increase work safety”.

Implementation of technology offered by PROMAG S.A. allowed to build modern drive-in racking system where picking pallet is also possible from the back of the row. Thanks to this solution it’s possible to store different kind of goods which is great logistics facilitation during load planning. New system allowed also to increase warehouse storing potential to 500 units.

In new logistics center also WMS (Warehouse Management System) was used. It is a comprehensive IT solution that supports every pallet unit identification through labeling it with logistics code. System allow to localize when and where particular pallet has been disposed. Logistics center area was designed in a way to maximize space for assortment mixing. It helps customize Jantoń offer to its customers demand. Thanks to mixing option they can order pallets with different goods which increase profitability of contract.

New logistics center brings new quality to loading processes. Thanks to loading docks delivered by PROMAG S.A. it is possible to serve four cars at a time which decreased times of loading and unloading good very much which is well received by customers.

Contemporary market forces producers to organize very efficient goods flows. This goods flows can be provided only by innovational logistics centers that are flexible and ready for fast changes in processes execution. Meaning of modern IT solutions designed to manage supply chain and orders picking is also growing. Money and time resources consumption reducing is becoming a key factor in reaching competitiveness advantage over other companies. Example of Jantoń Logistics Center is showing that wine industry in Poland is reaching European level and highest technological quality.

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