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Mlekovita is the largest dairy group in Central and Eastern Europe, the products of which probably know every Pole. The quality of Mlekovita's products is also appreciated abroad - these products are currently available in 159 countries. The company has 20 production plants and is constantly developing. It owes its market position to a well-known brand, high-quality raw materials and products (it cooperates with 15,000 farmers) and, among others, continuous investment in production and logistics facilities.


One of Mlekovita's recent investments was the construction of a production plant with a warehouse in Wysokie Mazowieckie. PROMAG S.A. delivered the AutoMAG dense storage system to the newly built warehouse. The project covered 8,000 m.p. and consisted of 2 shelving blocks: one block works according to the LIFO principle, the other - FIFO. The block for handling pallets in the FIFO system is up to 43 pallets deep. The system is designed to handle 2 types of EUR pallets: 800x1200 mm and 1000x1200 mm. The installation height is as high as 13 m and the last storage level is at a height of 11.5 m.

The high-density storage system with the AutoMAG Shuttle is used by Mlekovita for the storage of powdered milk. This solution fits perfectly into the strategy of continuous development and increasing the company's production capacity. Firstly, thanks to the dense storage system, AutoMAG Mlekovita can store up to 30% more pallets in the same space, and secondly, the rotation efficiency is several times higher than in the case of traditional drive-in pallet racks. The benefits that the company has achieved from implementing the solution include:

  • optimal use of storage space

  • possibility to use the FIFO model in stock rotation

  • a flexible solution that enables the storage of two types of pallets without reducing the use of warehouse space

  • very high stock rotation efficiency ratio

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