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In business, there is no room for decisions made under the influence of emotion and spontaneity. Here, many years of experience, cool calculation is a best advisor. Cold professionalism turned out to be what the Chairman of the Board at FIDO-SAD, Mr. Michał Dzioba, was looking for, deciding to entrust PROMAG S.A. development of the storage space of your company.

The investment in the new freezer has brought tangible benefits to FIDO-SAD. Now
all production can be stored in one place. This in the long run will translate into savings that will give the return on investments incurred.

The company FIDO-SAD Michał Dzioba has been successfully operating on the food market since 2007. The subject of its activity is the production of frozen fruit from soft fruits such as: raspberries, strawberries and apples. Until now, FIDO-SAD has stored frozen fruit partly in its own smaller rooms and partly in a rented freezer. In the end, however, a decision was made to build a large and modernly equipped facility that would accommodate the entire production of frozen food. The company PROMAG S.A. responded to this demand, which prepared an offer for storage racks with a radio-controlled Shuttle.

This is the optimal solution dedicated to cold stores and freezers where there are high costs associated with maintaining a low temperature. This storage system works well in food industry warehouses where effective rotation and high work rates are required. It is best suited for storing a relatively diversified range of goods, where there is only one type of product in each shelf channel.

The implementation of the investment together with the installation of the storage system took about 4 months. At this stage, an efficient flow of information between the investor and the equipment supplier was needed, because the device of the new freezer requires a number of mutual arrangements. Reliability, resistance to negative temperatures and full compatibility of individual equipment elements are very important here.


The specificity of each warehouse is different. This imposes the necessity of individual selection of equipment parameters, e.g. in terms of efficiency and strength. While designing a shelving system for the FIDO-SAD company, anticipated rotation of goods, dimensions and weight of pallet units. Due to the location of the entrance to the freezer, some of the shelves had to be placed above the road of the trolley. Generally, in the FIDO-SAD, there were created 2925 pallet spaces (including about 100 on the GL8 storage platform) for goods stored on palettes with heights of 1800 mm or 2100 mm.

Racks with a radio-controlled shuttle is a dense storage system in which the loading, unloading and moving of the loading unit in the channels of specially constructed drive racks is carried out using a semi-automatic Shuttle. AutoMAG transport between individual rack channels takes place using a forklift.

The advantages of using racks with a radio-controlled Shuttle:

-very high factor of use of the warehouse volume, which translates directly to a reduction in the average cost of storage of one pallet;

-increase of the pace and efficiency of warehouse operations;

-fast and quiet movement of pallets;

-increased operational safety;

-maximum limitation of the possibility of damage to the racks by the forklift;

-reducing the costs of servicing the rack installation;

-minimizing the time of idle passages of forklifts;

-possibility of servicing by all types of forklift trucks;

-the ability to easily adapt existing drive-in systems.

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