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Increase the efficiency of warehouse operations in the food industry thanks to satellite racking

GoodMills is a leading flour producer in Poland and part of the international GoodMills Group. GoodMills has for many years been a synonym for a brand that is characterized by stable, high quality, innovation and professional service. The company is developing very dynamically and invests in production and warehouse facilities. One of the company's recent investments was the construction of a warehouse in Stradunia and its equipment with a semi-automatic racking system.

In order to maximize the use of the available space in the warehouse and increase safety and efficiency, PROMAG S.A. offered a dense storage system operated by AutoMAG Shuttle. It is a solution that contributes to a significant increase in the use of available storage space in relation to standard row racks. At the same time, it helps to minimize the amount of possible damage caused during the operation of the racks, as the pallet is transported in the rack by means of the semi-automatic AutoMAG Shuttle satellite. With this solution, there is no need for the truck operator to drive into the rack channel. It also allows you to reduce the costs associated with the purchase of trucks and staff costs.

Cooperation with GoodMills resulted in the implementation of four rack blocks with a total capacity of 3,580 pallet places, in which EUR pallets (800x1200 mm) are stored, on which there is flour in 1 kg packages or flour in 25 kg bags. The maximum weight of the pallet is 1000 kg and the maximum height is 1520 mm. In order to achieve the high efficiency of the system, as many as 6 semi-automatic AutoMAG Shuttles were used.

AutoMAG Shuttle satellite racks are recommended by our customers and industry experts. They have been awarded the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR title by the readers of the Engineering & Maintenance magazine. The AutoMAG Mover system is an extension of the AutoMAG Shuttle semi-automatic system - a fully automatic solution where the work of forklift operators has been completely eliminated. Customers who have been using the AutoMAG Shuttle system for several years and have noticed an increase in the speed of rotation requirements are switching to the AutoMAG Mover system.

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